Business goal

The main task of the Limatherm Sensor Sp. z o.o. Measurement Laboratory is to provide measurement services at the highest technical and performance level, as well as in full compliance with customer requirements. We regard the quality of our services as a commitment to achieve the utmost level of customer satisfaction and ensure the future of the Laboratory.

For industry and business:

  • Accreditation is an essential tool in decision making processes and risk management. Organisations can save time and money by choosing an accredited and therefore competent conformity assessment provider;
  • Accreditation can serve as a means to access export markets in Europe and worldwide – following the principle “tested or certified once – accepted everywhere”;
  • Accreditation ensures precise measurement and testing according to best practice, reduces the number of defective products, lowers inspection and production costs and enables the implementation of innovative solutions;
Accreditation decreases risk in business relationships.

Range of the activities of our Laboratory

Calibrations in accordance with the scope of the Accredited Calibration Laboratory Certificate No. AP 108

  • thermocouples, type: J, K, S, B, R, N, T
  • resistance temperature detectors (RTDs)
  • electric thermometers (electronic)
  • temperature transmitters
  • temperature calibrators
  • dial thermometers
  • temperature simulators, type: R, S, B, J, K, N, T, E, RTD
  • temperature indicators (meters) (including temperature controllers), type: R, S, B, J, K, N, T, E, RTD

Calibrations outside the scope of accreditation

  • meters, multifunction calibrators, transmitters, recorders, controllers, indicators, temperature simulators
  • measurement of: voltage, current, resistance, RTD, Pt100, TC
  • generating: voltage, power (current)
  • simulation: resistance, RTD, Pt100, TC
  • legalisation of temperature sensor pairs
  • pressure (pressure gauges, transmitters)
  • humidity meters and transmitters, thermo-hygrometers
  • pyrometers

Additional services

  • adjustment of temperature measuring instruments
  • annealing of thermocouple before calibration
  • secondary calibration after repair of sensors, modernisation and periodic calibration of instruments
  • calibration of control and measuring equipment together with issuing a certificate stating the compliance of metrological parameters of the equipment in relation to the national standard
  • [calibration] of other instruments upon agreement

Calibration on the object

The Laboratory performs on-site calibrations within the scope of accreditation, thus reducing production downtime to the maximum extent. A wide range of measurements allows to meet the demand occurring on the market. The comprehensive equipment of our Laboratory ensures the provision of services at the highest level.

Electrical parameters

  • indicators, controllers, temperature recorders,
  • temperature simulators,
  • temperature transmitters,


  • resistance temperature detectors (RTDs), thermocouples,
  • electrical thermometers including recorders, dial thermometers
  • transmitters equipped with temperature sensor.