General Terms and Conditions of Provision of Services

  1. The subject of the service shall be to carry out calibration of the measurement objects listed in the offer.
  2. The ordering party shall undertake to deliver and collect from the Limatherm Sensor Sp. z o.o. Measurement Laboratory the measuring instruments at their own cost and risk in the agreed time. The ordering party shall specify in the order the method of delivery and receipt of the measuring instruments. Should the instruments be delivered by a courier company, the ordering party shall specify in the order the name of the company and the number of the agreement concluded therewith. If there is no information on the shipping method, after the service has been performed the instruments shall be sent back at the expense of Limatherm Sensor Sp. z o.o., with the shipping costs added to the invoice for the performed order.
  3. In the case of calibration at the customer’s premises, the ordering party shall be obliged to ensure access to the calibrated instruments and to guarantee appropriate environmental conditions during calibration. Should the conditions at the workplace be contrary to occupational health and safety regulations and endanger the health or life of the employee, the contractor may withdraw from the execution of the order.
  4. Measuring instruments delivered for calibration shall be operational and complete together with accessories (e.g. batteries, power supply) and manuals.
  5. The measuring instruments shall be delivered to the address: Limatherm Sensor Sp. z o.o. Laboratorium Pomiarów Temperatury, ul. Skrudlak 1, 34-600 Limanowa with a note “LABORATORIUM”. This guarantees the delivery of the package to the Laboratory on the day of the delivery thereof to the warehouse of Limatherm Sensor. Otherwise, the performance of the service may be delayed.
  6. Should the instrument be found defective or should the construction of the delivered instrument not allow to perform the calibration service, the Laboratory shall withdraw from the calibration, and shall immediately inform the ordering party [about the fact]. A protocol of withdrawal from the calibration with justification shall be issued and a fee of PLN 100 net shall be charged.
  7. Commission to perform the service should include: data of the ordering party to issue an invoice, name and manufacturer’s numbers of the measuring instruments (in case of the lack of the manufacturer’s number the Laboratory shall assign its own number), details of the contact person concerning the calibrated instruments (telephone number, e-mail).
  8. The Laboratory shall carry out calibrations of measuring instruments in accordance with the methods described in its measuring procedures, in the scope specified by the customer. Current measuring range and Calibration and Measurement Capability (CMC) are given on the website of the Polish Centre for Accreditation (Accreditation no. AP 108).
  9. The performance of the service shall be documented by issuing a calibration certificate.
  10. There may be possibility to perform the service within a shorter time than the standard one after prior agreement on the price taking into account the faster performance.
  11. The Laboratory shall not be liable for loss of measurement data stored in the instrument’s memory before calibration and during its adjustment.
  12. Any complaints concerning the performed calibration services shall be submitted to the Head of the Laboratory (tel.: +48 18 330 10 50, fax.: +48 18 330 10 04, e-mail:
  13. The Laboratory shall ensure protection of the data of the ordering party, which it has become the holder of as a result of the order performed and full confidentiality.