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Measurement Laboratory

Measurement Laboratory operates within the structures of Limatherm Sensor Sp. z o.o.It holds the Accredited Calibration Laboratory Certificate No. AP 108, issued by the Polish Centre for Accreditation, signatory to the EA Multilateral Agreement (EA MLA) and ILAC Mutual Recognition Arrangement (ILAC MRA) on mutual recognition of calibration certificates, confirming the competence of the services provided and the fulfilment of the technical requirements for calibration.

Tested or certified once – accepted everywhere – source PCA


We calibrate

Czujniki temperatury

Temperature sensors

Temperature – measuring range (-30 ÷ 1500) °C

  • thermocouples made of noble and non-precious metals (thermocouple) of all types
  • resistance temperature detectors (RTDs)
  • electrical, electronic thermometers, temperature recorders
  • transmitters equipped with temperature sensor
  • temperature calibrators
  • dial thermometers (bimetallic, manometric, dilatation)

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Pressure calibration accredited by the Polish Centre for Accreditation (PCA)

The Measurement Laboratory has equipped the Pressure Department with high-performance measuring instruments for pressure calibration within the range of (-1…600) bar.

Temperature distribution

Multi-point measurements of the temperature distribution in the device (usually using 5-15 high accuracy temperature sensors) and the evaluation of the stability of the device’s operation over shorter (e.g. 2-4 hours) or longer operating periods (e.g. 24-48 hours). It is thus possible to verify the performance of the device in accordance with the parameters declared by the equipment manufacturer, i.e. information on the real performance variation of the device, which can in turn be transferred to the uncertainty budget used in testing laboratories.

Electrical parameters

The Laboratory is fully equipped to calibrate electrical / electronic instruments for DC and AC voltage, current and resistance. The Laboratory performs calibrations of electrical measuring instruments in the following ranges: voltage – from 100 µV to 1000 V, current – from 20 µA to 20 A and resistance – from 0.01 mΩ to 100 MΩ.

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Calibration on the object

Professional approach

Professional approach

The Laboratory performs on-site calibrations within the scope of accreditation, thus reducing production downtime to the maximum extent.
A wide range of measurements allows to meet the demand occurring on the market. The comprehensive equipment of our Laboratory ensures the provision of services at the highest level.

Electrical parameters

  • indicators, controllers, temperature recorders,
  • temperature simulators,
  • temperature transmitters,


  • resistance temperature detectors (RTDs), thermocouples,
  • electrical thermometers including recorders, dial thermometers
  • transmitters equipped with temperature sensor.

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